outing the Inner Leader


Why Coaching Matters

Within the first month of signing with Nina, I was able to raise more than a quarter of a million dollars for my military nonprofit organization and in the past seven months I have grown tremendously as a leader and written a book with Mark Cuban authoring the introduction. I have also achieved personal goals like mastering salsa dancing and learning German.

To anyone considering working with Nina, I’m proof that you can achieve all the goals you want with the right Coach.
— Chris Soriano, CEO CleverTalks
Nina was a God-send. She helped me prioritize what was important in my life personally and professionally. She introduced me to the concepts of being present and making space in my life for myself and personal development. I started creating my own business while also being moved into an executive position within the organization I am currently with all in the 4-month span of working with Nina.

Her coaching was the start of my journey into being an entrepreneur and she provided me with the foundation for growth and success. She is very positive, energetic, creative and supportive. I would recommend her to anyone going through a transition or thinking about leaping into your dreams.
— Stephanie Lawrence, CEO Gathr and VP Operations Union Cowork
In the short time I worked with Nina, she helped me clarify my goals and take ownership for achieving them. Specifically, within a few meetings together, she guided me from considering a job opportunity through to anticipating and overcoming obstacles, to winning the job offer over 8 other candidates. Not only was Nina’s input invaluable, she was so supportive and encouraging that it felt like I had my own personal cheerleader!

Nina uses her life and professional experience to offer objective, unbiased feedback, which helped me to see my own value and to challenge the false limitations I was setting on myself. Nina is a master at getting to the core of an issue. Her insightful questions helped me discover my path, and her supportive, solution-oriented approach guided me through every step of the way. I would work with Nina again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended!
— Katie C., Customer Service Team Leader
When I came to Nina, I was frustrated and burned-out in my project manager role. I was letting myself get steamrolled in meetings and didn’t speak up when I had key insights to share with the team. Nina helped me shift my mindset, transcend my imposter syndrome and own my power at work. I started speaking up in meetings and I had crucial conversations with my colleagues when necessary.

I stopped playing small and people noticed.

Within a few months after working with Nina, I got promoted and started taking on new challenges at work I never would have before. Nina gave me the strength and insight I needed to slice through my insecurities and reach new heights in my career. She really championed me and acknowledged my accomplishments and through her powerful questions I really was empowered and achieved big results. Working with Nina was the best decision I’ve made all year. Thank you, Nina!
— Bethany, Colorado
After every meeting with Nina I feel a shift has taken place. I’ve been feeling like I’m everywhere but nowhere in particular.

With Nina’s coaching I’ve established some personal goals, come to realize some of my barriers, and can honestly say am really excited about the work that lies ahead of me to move forward.

Nina is a fantastic listener, compassionate yet keeps things honest, creative, energetic, and has the skills and intuition to ask the right questions, taking you on a path you may not have anticipated. I very much look forward to our meeting, but sometimes face with trepidation since I may go to a place I’ve been fearing. It’s a lot easier to avoid those places. I find going through an exercise of self discovery to be energizing, and when you find a highly skilled coach/person who can help you navigate the paths, walls and gates, it’s necessary to share for anybody else that may want/need that expertise.

My batteries are definitely recharging, the light is stronger and more focused. There is work to be done. Thank you Nina, if I’m a flashlight you are a lighthouse!
— Katarina Simons, Personal Trainer & Fitness Professional
Nina is an impeccable coach. Her sessions helped me step into my business life in a truly authentic way, one that aligns with my core values and my sense of self worth. She is both intuitive and savvy. The beauty of the process with her is that I arrived at the insights by myself. With her skillful coaching, I moved through one obstacle after another, and created a solid plan of action.
— Lisa Fugard, Author and Writing Coach
Nina has been an amazing life coach. She has helped me changed my life in so many ways. She coached me in business, finances, independence, fitness and spiritual goals and has helped me with all of these in less than 4 months. With her coaching, professionally, I was able to become a better leader to my team and personally, I moved out on my own and am pursuing my goal to compete as a bikini competitor in March of 2019.

Not only has she helped me with my goals, but as an individual, she has helped shape the way I live life with greater self-confidence. I’ve grown stronger as a woman both physically and mentally with Nina’s coaching.

If you’re interested in having a life coach and accountability partner, I would highly recommend Nina.
— Hillary Manalac, Cofounder and VP CleverTalks and CEO of LAVI PR
Nina had a direct impact in our ability to deliver large-scale enterprise projects with leadership and team coaching. Her strong understanding of business foundations allows her to be effective and her approach to complicated issues is truly amazing.
— JP Palacio, Chief Product Officer, Kromeon
Working with Nina is a powerful and insightful experience. Her presence and range as a coach is quite impressive and always leaves me feeling inspired and motivated. She has a way of being that allows me to truly look at myself and tap into my own wisdom for the very best guidance. She shows up with love and compassion for her work and her clients. Nina will challenge you, hold you accountable, and provide unconditional support for you in living your fullest and truest self.

Hiring Nina will be just the first of many steps in the right direction.
— Cori C.
As a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan wars, I have had challenges arise in business and in my personal life. Nina’s coaching helped me heal layers of pain and worry that I carried for years. Her approach in finding what makes me tick help shape my mind to become more successful in both my personal life and to develop my skills in the business world. Thank you Nina.
— Luis Rios, Director of Operations CleverTalks and US ARMY Combat Veteran